Tow Truck Insurance

Towing Insurance Built to Keep Your Business Running

Tow trucks and Auto Transporters are unique in that they deal with non-owned automobiles. They perform a variety of services mostly on an emergency basis. Therefore, it is mostly in less-than-ideal circumstances. Tow truck insurance policy typically includes liability coverage for personal and property damage. This insurance also covers physical damage to a leased tow truck which is also termed as collision or fire or theft coverage.

As with most truck and auto insurance, tow truck policies’ coverages can vary. However, Kash Insurance provides you with a mix blend of standard coverages or optional protections in one place.

  • Tow Truck Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Medical Payments Insurance
  • Garage Service Coverage
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Whether you operate one tow truck or a fleet of trucks, finding customized tow insurance at competitive rates is not an easy task. At Kash Insurance, we provide personalized towing insurance for towing companies. Let us help you eliminate the dangers of having the wrong insurance coverage.

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