Primary Liability Insurance

This is a mandatory insurance policy by law for all commercial truck drivers operating in the U.S. Primary liability insurance covers the cost of property damage and injury inflicted on others in accident caused by a truck. Primary liability insurance can be said to be the most basic form of commercial truck insurance, acting as a bedrock for other insurance policies.

What Primary Liability Insurance Does Not Cover!

This basic insurance only caters for damages and injuries done to other parties involved in an accident caused by your truck. The coverage of this insurance doesn’t accommodate damages caused by fire, vandalism, disaster or even theft to your truck or cargo.

Complementary Policies Needed for Full Coverage

Due to the limited coverage provided by this insurance policy, we often advice our clients to purchase extra policies that will ensure their trucks are covered in the event of an accident or other incidents. Adding any of the following insurance policies to your insurance package will enable you to file a truck insurance claim when involved in an accident and your truck is damaged. These policies include non-trucking liability, physical damage coverage, motor truck cargo, trailer interchange and comprehensive insurance.

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