Bobtail Insurance

This piece of insurance is a must have for independent contractors who work between jobs. This is a basic insurance policy that protects you when driving your semi without towing a trailer. This insurance covers you whether or not you’re on dispatch as long as a trailer is not in tow. Damages or injuries caused to others while on the road with your semi either for commercial or personal purpose are covered by the bobtail insurance. This type of insurance coverage is sometimes referred to as dead head coverage. Majority of companies that hire independent drivers require them to have a bobtail insurance policy to pick up slack in the event of an accident on or off site.

Bobtail Insurance Coverage and Why You Need It

This insurance policy is mostly purchased by independent contractors that shuttle between jobs in different locations. This type of contractors often move from one location to another with their semi’s to pick up and deliver trailers. Accident or damages done to others while driving a semi without towing a trailer on these occasions will be fully covered by this insurance.

Bobtail insurance gives independent contractors full coverage in conjunction with their non-trucking insurance in the event of an accident when a trailer is not in tow.

Complementary Policies That Will Give You a Full Insurance

Independent contractors in need of full insurance coverage in addition to their bobtail insurance need only to get either a comprehensive insurance or physical damage insurance.

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