Occupational Accident Insurance in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas

This coverage is designed to offer benefits to employees and who are not covered by the workers compensation policy. This insurance policy covers all independent contractors/Owners-Operators work-related injuries but only to workers omitted from the workers compensation insurance. This insurance policy gives the worker the means to fund most (if not all) the obligations attached to workplace injury or death at a lower cost than the workers compensation policy.

Limitations of the occupational accident insurance

Kash Insurance Agency offers you occupational insurance policy which gives you the privilege of getting the statutory benefit but with an occupational accident insurance policy.

In this insurance coverage you will be required to choose between the following:

  • The limit of liability to carry per accident
  • The deductible to assume per accident
  • The level of disability coverage to provide
  • The level of death benefit to provide

We offer professional advice on the best occupational accident insurance policy that will suit you and address your concerns.

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