Dump Truck Insurance

When it comes to providing your dump truck with the best, affordable insurance available in the industry, Kash insurance agency is your one stop company for a full coverage. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know the nitty-gritty of dump truck insurance to provide you with the most suitable insurance policy that will fit your financial situation and specific trucking business needs. In a quest to serve you better, we’ve built broad connections over the years with top carriers who are experts in dump truck insurance.

With our several years of experience in excellent service, you can be rest assured you’re getting the best dump truck expert advice and insurance package the industry can offer.

Dump Truck Insurance Coverage

At Kash, we offer a basic dump truck insurance package required by both state and federal laws as a mandatory piece of document for dump trucks owners and operators. This insurance policy covers primary liability, minimum bodily injury and property damage.

Full Insurance Coverage for Your Dump Truck

Beyond the basic required insurance policy for dump trucks, we often advice companies or independent dump truck contractors to purchase additional policies that would provide full coverage for better financial and business protection.

Our experts can create combination policies that will provide your business with the best coverage possible. Additional insurance policies that would give you better coverage include physical damage insurance, collision insurance, motor truck liability insurance, cargo insurance, fire and theft insurance, non-trucking and environmental insurance.

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