Big Truck Insurance

Having an insurance policy that covers all possible liabilities is a smart choice whether running a small number or large fleet of trucks. Purchasing a Big Truck insurance with wide coverage will ensure the longevity of your trucking business.

At Kash Insurance Agency, we provide Owners-Operators, small to large trucking business owners with a full range of affordable truck insurance policies. We offer personalized and comprehensive truck insurance packages that will provide your transportation business with full coverage. We have the absolute trucking insurance solution for your every business need. Our expert agents offer unbiased professional advices on the best insurance coverages addressing your specific trucking business needs.

Complementary Insurance for Full Coverage

Providing your trucking business with full insurance protection is way to go when looking to stay long term in the business. Various unforeseen events and accidents have put giant trucking firms out of business. Why take such risks when there are smart insurance policies that will guarantee your business safety? To get a full insurance coverage for your trucking business, complementary policies will be needed in addition to your basic big truck insurance.

We provide our customers with the following insurance coverages as mono lines, or combos and bundles:

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Truck Liability Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Non-Trucking Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage

More Commercial Coverages: