Produce Haulers Insurance in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas

Risk is the hallmark of operation and management of a trucking fleet. These unexpected incidences such as vehicle damage, injury to an employee or third party and theft are liable to occur at any time. Giving the high demand for a produce haulers insurance which will cover such occurrences, this is a perfect time to work with us. At Kash insurance agency, we grant the best insurance against these unexpected expenses that may save you from going bankrupt.

Produce Haulers Insurance coverage and why you need it

Produce haulers insurance covers refrigerated commercial trucks that haul fruits, vegetables and other foods. In most cases, truckers that haul produce, frozen food and grocery are required by the law to be insured. This insurance policy comes with comprehensive insurance solutions which are specially tailored to suit your needs.
We provide our customers with the following insurance coverage all in one carrier in addition to their basic truck insurance:

  • Injury inflicted on a third party who may be uninsured or underinsured.
  • Physical bodily harm to a third party caused by a driver.
  • Property damage to a third party caused by the truck driver.
  • Medical bills and other expenses if the driver is involved in accidents.

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