Semi Truck Insurance

Trucks Never Stop Going, the Risks are Just Constant!

Semi-Truck are a special category for insurance. They face constant threats such as collision and theft when they are out on the road. If you have several trucks facing these threats at the same time, it’s not hard to see how fast you could run out of business. The trucking industry has gone through various changes over time, especially when it comes to insurance. It is hard to obtain insurance recently. At least, semi-truck drivers will need liability insurance which covers damages or auto-related injuries.

Most common types of semi-truck insurance:

  • Public Liability Insurance, also known as primary liability insurance covers bodily injuries or damages to third parties. As a driver, it is required that your company provides this liability insurance for you.
  • General Liability Insurance will protect you against many risks that primary liability won’t cover. This covers risks that are associated with doing your business such as slips in your office.
  • Physical Damage Coverage will pay for the damages to the truck including collision, theft and vandalism. It is recommended for almost every driver.

Our semi-truck insurance coverages are designed to challenge these threats. Depending on the occurrence unique to you, Kash insurance agency can help you customize the policy to fit your specific business needs. We will work with you to get you on the road safely and in no time.

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